Burlington will welcome riders for an overnight stay on July 26.

Burlington’s theme for this year’s RAGBRAI, “Rally to the Alley,” combines the city’s iconic Snake Alley with a sense of high energy and fun.

“It’s going to be kind of a pep rally/cheer theme,” said Dustin Roth, director of marketing and communications for the Greater Burlington Partnership and a member of the RAGBRAI Publicity Committee, whose members worked to come up with the theme and logo. “We decided that we wanted to make it fun, yet encompass something that makes our community unique.”

Upwards of 20,000 RAGBRAI riders will enter the city of Burlington July 26 to flags and, hopefully, cheers by city residents before making their way downtown to Snake Alley and setting up camp at one of several campgrounds or homes.

“Essentially, when riders come into town, we’re going to have pinned up flags around and if people want to break out their pom-poms and cheer, it’s all about kind of that atmosphere,” Roth said.

The exact route has yet to be finalized, but Roth said the riders will enter Burlington from the west.

Roth said the committee considered a few other possible logos, but ultimately chose “Rally to the Alley” for it’s focus on what has been debated to be the country’s most crooked street.






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