Authorities say a bicyclist was critically injured in a traffic accident near Kanesville and Main in Council Bluffs Tuesday morning. It happened shortly after 10:30am.

Police say the bicyclist was northbound on the sidewalk at the intersection. North and southbound traffic had a green light.

According to investigators, Kathryn Anderson, 19, of Council Bluffs, was southbound from West Washington, turning east onto Kanesville Blvd. As she made her turn, she did not see the bicyclist crossing the road and they collided.

Investigators said Anderson had the green light, but aren't sure if the bicyclist had a walk or don't walk signal.

The bicyclist was taken to the hospital for treatment of critical head injuries.

Friends of the victim tell 6 News that she gets around town with the bike and cart since she is homeless. They say she has been living on the streets for the last couple of years.

"She's a very nice person. She's sweet and quiet. She doesn't cause much problem. She's a sweetheart," James Stewart said.

The investigation of the accident continues.

Crash date: Oct 23rd 2018






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Cyclists should NOT ride down the sidewalk, and across streets, this turned out terribly.
It still might be the driver's fault, I don't want to make a judgement on that at all.

#1 - dingman posted Nov 9, 2018

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