• Brad Hanson
  • Fri January 19 2018
  • Posted Jan 23, 2018

While cold temperatures and even colder wind chills drive most of us inside, there's one group heading out to face it head on.

The Flat Iowa Society Bicycle Club hits the trails twice a week and sometimes on the weekends, hitting anywhere from 15 to 50 miles. And no, what it's like outside doesn't make a difference to them.

"We make it out no matter what. We've been down here in wind chills of -35 and -40," said Lisa Mormann, a member of the club.

So what's the key to staying warm?

"It's all about the gear. I don't like to be cold. Nobody likes to be cold. But if you wear the right gear, you figure that out over's really not that bad," said Eric Jansen, another club member.

Jansen says they have plenty of experience on the trails during the winter, so they've been able to cook up the right combo to keep them warm.

But it's about so much more than just staying warm, they say.

"It's challenging, it keeps me fit. I'm able to be social, because I have so many bike friends. It's a nice camaraderie amongst us all, and we do it all year round, and it's so much fun," said Martha O'Connor-Leigh.

And believe it or not, it's days like we saw Thursday--when the temps hovered around 30--that are often the worst for these cyclists.

"Just being wet, it's hard to stay warm. It's easier to stay warm when it's zero degrees than when its 35 degrees and wet," Jansen said.

The club is open to anyone interested in joining. You can find more info by searching "The Flat Iowa Society Bicycle Club" on Facebook.







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