• Thu June 23 2016
  • Posted Jun 23, 2016

We will update the website and social media with exact dates as the end of work nears.

We appreciate your patience during construction. This short closure will be well worth the benefits of a resurfaced, wider trail offering a much better experience for years to come.

On Wednesday June 22nd, barricades were posted to close the Neal Smith Trail.

The renovation work will take approximately 1 month andare much needed and will be a huge improvement for all of us.

The trail will be closed from McHenry Park to Euclid and is officially closed for repavement and widening.

TheMcHenry Park Trail Connection will be open on July 2nd. The contractor will remove the barricades when it opens.

This weekDes Moines Parks and Recreationwill be pruning some tree branches and adjusting a few barricades and are evaluating an alternative trail access including temporary paving roughly 15-feet east of the existing blocked access.

See the maps below for the detours.

As of 11:15 AM on Wednesday, Aug 10 it's open. I arrived at Euclid from the north as the were loading the last 'Trail Closed' gate on a truck. I asked the construction worker if the trail was open and he said "I guess so..." Great news!

#3 - Iowayank posted Aug 11, 2016

they were opening it up when I rode through today!!

#2 - dgk2009 posted Aug 10, 2016

Does anyone know if the Neal Smith is open so I can get from Ankeny to Des Moines?

#1 - Jilly618 posted Jul 21, 2016

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