Design expected to go before City Council early December

A massive art structure proposed for the Raccoon River Valley Trailhead in Waukee features repurposed steel train rails that extend more than 350 feet, elevated 17 feet above the trail. Dozens of striped tile columns are modeled after railroad crossing features.

As cyclists roll over the top of historic railroad paths in Waukee they will also pass beneath repurposed steel rails, if an ambitious project is approved for the Raccoon River Valley Trailhead.

The Waukee Trailhead Public Art Committee and the city’s parks and recreation board have settled on a design that would cost about $1 million. The City Council is expected to consider the design Dec. 2.

The project, which now includes basic infrastructure improvements and a massive art structure, would turn the trailhead into a regional destination, project backers said.

“They’re going to be coming by the hundreds of thousands. And they’ll be coming to a destination,” Raccoon River Valley Trail Association member Randy Jensen said.

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