• Mon August 02 2010
  • Posted Aug 3, 2010
Susan Desotel has died from injuries sustained in a July 29th crash involving a bicycle and motor vehicle in Cedar Rapids. News reports indicate that Desotel was traveling southbound on C Street SW and approaching Wilson Avenue Drive around 6:30 p.m., when an oncoming pickup turned in her path. Susan died on Monday, August 3rd. The Iowa Bicycle Coalition expresses sympathy to Susan's family and friends. Drivers are reminded that it is the driver's responsibility to yield to oncoming traffic including bicycles or motorized vehicles, before turning left. Turning actions are clearly defined in the Iowa Code and regularly taught in driver's education classes. Failure to do so could cause crashes resulting in injuries or fatalities. The Iowa Bicycle Coalition is outraged by crashes that occur from inattentive driving. Mark Wyatt, executive director of the Iowa Bicycle Coalition said, "Driving a motor vehicle carries a responsibility to protect the safety of others. This is why drivers are licensed and taught to look and yield at intersections." The Iowa Bicycle Coalition will be corresponding with the Linn County Attorney to assure the a fair investigation takes place and appropriate charges apply.

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