• Posted Dec 28, 2014

Support the 9-mile “connector” between Perry and Woodward that links these two outstanding trails

You can help connect two of Iowa’s biggest and best trails!

People keep asking: “When will we be able to ride between Perry and Woodward? We want to connectthe Raccoon River Valley Trail with the High Trestle Trail”.

This all-important 9 miles will make Central Iowa an even bigger destination! The “connector” opens so many more trail routes and adventures!The corridor is shaping up. Now it’s time for trail lovers to help.

Your gift today will provide matching funds needed to secure public grants and other major support for this project! Please donate or pledge today.

With your commitment of $1,000 or more, you may choose to receive recognition at each trailhead.

All donations are tax-deductible.

5 Ways to Donate

  • Donate Online via the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation (choose "other" for purpose of gift and type in "Let's Connect" for the project name.

  • Donate Online via the Raccoon River Valley Trail Association (Use options 3 - "Let's Connect")

  • Pay with Credit card over phone - Call 515-465-3577

  • Send a check payable to Dallas County Conservation Foundation to 14581 K Ave, Perry, IA 50220

  • Donate in person at 14581 K Ave, Perry, IA 50220


This will be one of the biggest trail connectors of all time in Central Iowa. We have seen the success of the Raccoon RIver Valley Trail for many years, then the High Trestle Trail opened with the now-famous bridge, then the North Loop of the Raccoon River Valley Trail opened last year. Every one of these trails have been a HUGE success bringing cyclists from all over the nation, getting locals out on the trail and boosting the economy of the small towns on the trails and nearby communities.

We support this initiative 100% and have donated to the cause ourselves. Help make history with your donation too!

Project Status

This project is estimated to cost approximately $5 million.

To date, grant money from the Federal Recreational TrailGrant and State Recreational Trail grant programs have allowed the hire of Snyder and Associates to helpselect a route and design the “connector” trail.

Phase I consists of acquiring right of way andconstructing the trail from Perry to Bouton. Funds are currently needed for this phase and are neededfor future phases of this important trail network connection.

Project Partners


Contact the Dallas County Conservation Board at 515-465-3577.

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