• Posted Apr 7, 2010

What do you call a neighborhood bar along a bike trail that is 10 miles away? You call it a perfect destination for Iowa cyclists!

Cumming Tap, Cumming IA BIKEIOWA is proud to welcome the Cumming Tap as BIKEIOWA's newest sponsor. YEAH!

A small town Iowa Destination

Talk about a great Destination for many cyclists in Central Iowa. The Cumming Tap borders the Great Western Trail 10 miles South of the big city of Des Moines. For years now this has been a cyclist's hangout. A place to fill your water bottle. A place to meet friends. A place to have an ice-cold beer or beverage of choice. The Cumming Tap is like your neighborhood bar outside your neighborhood. You'll see the normal beer signs, peanuts, pool table, Jukebox, TVs and a few video games.. Out back is a patio with a view of the Great Western Trail and a place to park your bikes. Feeling like home yet? Owned by Bob Moural, avid life-cyclist, who admits "he couldn't do it without his mother, Linda's help. Bob and Linda and have been owners of the Cumming Tap for over 12 years. The bar has been open for over 20. Bob commutes to work almost daily, and has become eyes and ears for the Great Western Trail. It's nothing for Bob to stop a few times along the way to pick up a piece of trash. Bob knows the trials and tribulations of owning a business along the trail. " Over 50% of business comes from trail users. Rainy weather or a snowy winter like we just had can be bad for business", says Bob, "but give us a little sunshine and a clear trail and look out!". Cyclists flock to the tap 3 1/2 seasons out of the year. As long as the snow is not too deep, cyclists ride to the Cumming Tap. "That is just what we do" says Walter Githens, a regular at the Wednesday night Steak rides. "It's a great ride out here, have some steak and a few beers and ride home. all on a school night".

Tell me more about Wednesday night Steak rides

Grill your own! May 5th (Cyclo de Mayo) marks the day for the 1st Wednesday night Steak Ride. Cook-your-own steak, grab a baked potato and a salad and your are set! Steak Rides occur every Wednesday from May through October. Watch and Facebook for up to date details.

What's Cool about the Cumming Tap?

  • It's a perfect place to stop after a 10 mile bike ride.
  • It's a great turnaround point, a place to take a break and go back home or keep going South for another 10 miles
  • Ice cold Beer
  • Laid Back Casual atmosphere
  • Food: Peanuts, chips and appetizers like pizza are served.
  • Jukebox, TVs and Karaoke
  • Bike out, watch a game, bike home.
  • Special Events have more food and an occasional band
  • Last but not least - woman's "I Love Cumming" girlie shirts, camisole and underwear. Bob informed me they just got a fresh shipment in! All pieces $15 each.

Comments found on the web:

  • "Once inside the Cumming Tap we had a few beers. The prices are great, and so is the selection. It is easy to spend a little too long at the tap. After you enjoy a cold Boulevard in a frosty mug it's easy to talk yourself into putting off getting back on your bike. Especially when you know there is a big hill at the end of the ride."
  • "The Cumming Tap is a "must stop" whenever I'm on the Great Western Trail. The owner Bob Moural is an avid cyclist & caters to his peeps. During the summer they have Steak Night's on Wednesdays... You will find 20-80 riders grilling their own on the large commercial grill. Good drink specials too."
The Cumming Tap is no stranger to BIKEIOWA. In fact they've had rides and riders stopping in since before 2000 when this site was created! Check out how often the Cumming Tap has already been mentioned over the years. Stop at the Tap for a cold one and continue another 10 miles into Martinsdale, or make Cumming your turnaround point. "You'll never go thirsty at the Cumming Tap" Cumming Tap 117 44TH St Cumming, IA 50061 MAP (515) 981-5149 hours: Noon to close Monday though Sunday Follow the Cumming Tap on Facebook: About Cumming IA About Great Western Trail
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