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Sat Aug 09 2014 - Sun Aug 10 2014 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM


Cumming Tap
Cumming, IA


One Race Events


Congratulation to Steve Fuller and Sarah Cooper for winning the inagural 24 Hours of Cumming Gravel Race. Steve came in at 17 hours, 11 minutes and 50 seconds. Sarah was not far behind at 17 hours, 12 minutes and 10 seconds.

2nd Place Male was Andy Zeiner - 19 hours, 6 minutes and 2 seconds
3rd Place Male was Taylor Webb - 19 hours, 34 minutes and 4 seconds

Congrats to Steve Robinson and Nathan Hicks for tearing up the 2 Person Team with a time of 16 hours, 15 minutes and 31 seconds.

The first place 4 Person Relay Team finished in 19 hours 52 minutes and 10 seconds.

KUDOs to Steve Cannon and crew for hosting the race!!  Well Done! Well Done!

Who Finished?

25 - Solos Registered - Only 10 Finished
5 - 2 Person Relay Team Registered  - Only 2 Finished
5 - 4 Person Relay Team Registered - Only 4 Finished


Weather was awesome for a 24 hours race. Overcast skies kept the day cool. Racers got a couple of light mistings throughout out the day. The overcast cleared up right before dark leaving a bright moon to help guide the way most of the night before fog rolled in in during the wee morning hours.


Rain the week before really cut down on the dusty roads which was nice for racers. Not so nice for the B-Level roads on Lap 1. 2 Level B roads had racers walking their bikes through sticky mud and sand which made for a hasty clean-up at the end before pedaling on. The cue cards were spot-on and the promised elevation changes did not disappoint.

A few racers found their way off-course for a few miles, but hey... that is part of the game!


One Race Events and the Cumming Tap had everything covered from food, water, bands, bonfire, tents and a cheering section for everyone who rolled in, rolled out and dropped out.


One Race Events - Facebook gallery


We feel this event has a bright future! With the recent news of the "Almanzo" series of free gravel races being permanently cancelled, this event has "the vibe", a catchy name at a catchy establishment with plenty of gravel close-by... We hope to see this race double if not triple in size by next year.



Distance - 400k 248 miles

This gritty bike race takes place entirely on gravel roads in central Iowa. It will be one of the toughest endurance biking challenges in the United States. Riders will have 24 hours to cover 400k and nearly 20,000 feet of elevation gain.

Not ready to tackle this beast solo? We will offer a 2 person and 4 person division as well. This could get VERY dirty. To keep this beast from getting out of hand we will cap the race in all three divisions. The first 100 solo riders who register are in. For the 2 person relay we will accept the first 50 teams and finally, for the 4 person relay, we will accept the first 25 teams that register.

The Cumming Tap and our great friend Bob Moural will be our host watering hole. The weekend event will also offer camping, food and entertainment both Friday and Saturday evenings. Get there early. You won’t want to miss Friday night’s bike pull (think tractor pull on a bike).

Make sure and keep your hair looking good, and your sweaty, tired face smiling as Outside TV will be documenting the event!


All Routes are  up @


Cumming Tap

117 N.44th street
Cumming, IA 50061




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