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Wed Jan 29 2020 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM


North Access to Sycamore Trail Gravel Lot
Johnston, IA


Kyle's Bikes


The unforecasted fresh snow int the morning put a fluffy 1/4" visual challenge down for this week's Kyle's Bike Wednesday Night MTB Ride. Once we sorted out the confident riders—aka, fat bikers—toward the front, followed by the plus riders, followed by the 2" XC riders, we all had a good time. :-) There were eight of us, and everyone made the full route together.


Mountain Biking

Distance - About 8 or 9 miles

UPDATE (Tuesday): Last Wednesday was "a bit difficult" for the 2–3" tire riders… BUT! … SINCE THEN, fat bikers and snow shoe-ers have burned in an amazing track. On Sunday, it was totally clear for those of us who ride 2" year round. Weather since then and forecast for Wednesday say it will be just as awesome this Wednesday night, or even more so! Come join us. Roll-out time is 7:45. If you are new, let Katherine know in the parking lot. We will make sure no one gets lost!

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Kyle loves mountain biking. And mountain biking is fun. So for the fall and winter, the Kyle's Bikes Wednesday Night Ride is a mountain bike ride on Sycamore Trail!

Meet us at the trail. The "north gravel lot" is off 66th Avenue, just west of the river and east of the Johnston Soccer Fields. If the gravel lot is full, you can park in the paved Neal Smith Trail lot on the east side of the river and ride the protected bike/ped trail on the bridge.

Gather at 7:30 p.m. We will roll out at 7:45.

The pace will vary depending on who shows up. We may split into smaller groups if the group is large or there is a significant difference in paces. We vary the route a little each time, but regardless of route, we regroup at the following points:

  1. Double Track (by the gravel pit)
  2. Fish Camp (confluence of Beaver Creek and Des Moines River)
  3. Turnaround (the paved Trestle to Trestle Trail)
  4. Fish Camp
  5. Double Track

If you've not ridden at Sycamore before and are concerned about getting lost, find Katherine, Kyer, or Kyle before the ride and let them know. We can find you a buddy. :-) We don't want to lose anyone! Getting lost is *not* fun.

BRING LIGHTS. Running into things is *not* fun.

We do not ride wet trails. Nor during blizzards. Watch our Facebook page carefully for updates. Or join our Facebook group!



Laps of Sycamore Trail. Varies slightly each time.


North Access to Sycamore Trail Gravel Lot

4640 NW 66th Ave
Johnston, IA 50131


Free! No registration. Just show up.


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