Type: Urban Trail

Length: 4 miles

Surface: Paved

10 foot wide asphalt trail


Above Average

Grade - Gentle Grades



The Trestle to Trestle Trail was constructed in 2007 and serves as a vital link between the Des Moines metro the northern Polk County suburbs.

Location - Where is this Trail?

Connects the Inter Urban Trestle Bridge (south of the Euclid Bridge) to the Trestle Bridge (north of I-80/35) connecting to the Johnston trail system. Trailheads are located at River Place off Euclid Avenue (on the west side of the Des Moines River) and on NW Lower Beaver Drive (just east of NW Beaver Drive). (source)


Sites & Attractions

History of the Trail

The Des Moines & Central Iowa Railroad began operations as the Inter-Urban Railway, incorporated in 1899 and soon after in 1902 connected Des Moines to Colfax, a distance of 23 miles. Four years later in 1906 the railroad built a 35-mile branch connecting Des Moines to Perry. In 1922 the system was reorganized as the Des Moines & Central Iowa Railroad. Passengers services on the system were discontinued in 1949 and the remaining freight business was switched from electric to diesel locomotives, which lasted into the 1950’s. (source)

Future Plans

Planned Mileage: 0 miles -


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ACTION ALERT - NW 26th Street

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Walnut Creek link on track to connect 168 miles of trail

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Iowa By Trail

Trail closed between NW 55th Ave and NW 60th Ave. NW 57th Ave is torn up for Infrastructure project. I took the Merle Hay Road sidewalk as a detour.

#1 - NSTblazer posted Jul 5

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