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 Events Willis Dady Run & Ride Festival 27194/25/2018Advocacy, Charity, Party, RecreationAdvocacy, All Ability Cycles, all ages, Bar, Bar to Bar, Beer, Beginner, Brewery, Cedar Valley Trails, Donation, Family Ride, Fundraiser, Homeless, Non-profit, Recreation, Run, The Kickstand, The Sag WagonCedar Lake Trail, Cedar Valley Nature TrailCedar Rapids...X
 Events Altoona tune-Up 59371/24/2018Advocacy, Charity, Destination, Party, Recreation, Road, Team/Club, Trails, Training/FitnessAdvocacy, Altoona Triathlon Club, Bar to Bar, Beer, Bicycle Club, Central Iowa Trails, Dream Team, Facebook, Founders Irish Pub, Hy-Vee, Iowa Bicycle Coalition (IBC), Rasmussen Bike Shop, Rasmussen Bike Shop -Altoona, Reclaimed Rails Brewing Company, Recreation, Recumbent, Scott Sumpter, Tandem Bicycle, Team Curbside, Team Toe Ring, Touring, Trail Festivities, Trail FundingChichaqua Valley Trail, Gay Lea Wilson TrailAltoona, Bondurant, Mitchellville, Pleasant Hill, Runnells...X
 Events 9th Annual " I Love This Bar" Bike Tour 16227/20/2017PartyBar to Bar218 TrailCedar Falls, Waterloo...X
 Events Mosley's Pig Pedal Classic 24676/9/2016Charity, PartyBar to Bar, Big Grove Brewery, Brewery, Children's Cancer Connection, Non-profitDubuque St. Trail, North Liberty Recreation TrailIowa City...X
 Events Team Good Beer Fun Ride 2 60593/25/2016Party, Recreation, Road, TrailsBar to Bar, Beer, Bike Rags, Brewery, Iowa, Team Good BeerHoover Nature TrailSolon...X
 Events Reclaim the Streets! 22756/22/2015Commuting, Culture, Destination, Education, PartyAlternative Transportation, Bar to Bar, Bicycle Culture, Bicycle Friendly, Bicycle Safety, Car Free, Commuting, Critical Mass Des Moines...X
 Events jay morrow"pants on fire" 2nd annual bike ride 15565/17/2015RecreationBar to BarSoldier Creek Nature TrailFort Dodge...X
 Events Girls Rock!Pedal Jam 36485/6/2015Charity, Culture, PartyArt, Bagger, Bar to Bar, Beer, Beginner, Bike Month, Confluence Brewery, Festivals, Gray's Lake, Live Music, Mullets, Music, Non-profit, Patio, SwagBill Riley Trail, Inter-Urban, Principal RiverwalkDes Moines...X
 Events Ohhhh-Shift! Let the Training begin 19873/24/2015PartyBar to Bar Cherokee...X
 Events 11th Street Precinct - Ride to the Edge and Back 33768/19/2014PartyBar to Bar, Beer, BIKEIOWA, Quad Cities, Quad-Cities Bicycle Club (QCBC)Mississippi River TrailDavenport, Hampton...X
 Events Humboldt County Hardpack 30 32448/5/2014Charity, Commuting, Recreation, Trails29er, Art, Bar to Bar, Beer, Beginner, Bicycle Friendly, Bicycles, Crushed Limestone, Fundraiser, Rails to Trails, Recreation, rural Iowa, Social Media, Trail Funding, Trail Map, TrekThree Rivers TrailHumboldt, Rolfe, Rutland...X
 Events 11th Street Precinct - Ride to the Edge and Back 24514/14/2014Party, Recreation, RoadBar to Bar, BeerMississippi River TrailDavenport...X
 Events Bar to Bar 9536/23/2000Training/Fitness  Des Moines...X
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