The Big Cock Bike Shop is located at at 232 6th Street in West Des Moines.

We’re proud to be a dealer for NorcoBikes, focusing on off-road, cyclocross, fat tire bikes, touring, and electric bikes with many bike parts and accessories.

We’re not only a bike shop, we’re also a machine shop. Our bike mechanics are true machinists who can customize your ride for whatever you want to run through. We do the hard to figure out stuff you can’t find or do at other bike shops. Roadies will find plenty of selection in stock, too.

Find us under the green awning in Valley Junction. Open 12-6 Monday through Saturday. (515) 277-7417.

We engineer and manufacture the Charger for USB-powered devices, the Johnson Mount for bike accessories, and the Johnson Headlight System for night riding.

The Johnson was invented after we saw thousands of cyclists on Iowa’s week-long bike ride plugging their phones into outlets at outdoor parks or in restaurants, and then just walking away.  Hey, you wouldn’t leave your wallet on the floor there, why would you leave your phone?  We wanted a more secure way to get power when there’s no outlet near.  So our engineers turned up the music and got to work.

Our Products

For everyday use, we created The Johnson with rechargeable batteries.  Starting with the industry’s highest grade battery contacts, the Johnson produces superior, consistent power.  We used the most powerful lithium polymer batteries available to put out 85 watts of pure electronic pleasure.  That’s up to 20 hours of charging time for your phone.

But we didn’t stop there.  We created a Johnson that goes where the walls in a house never will.  The AA Battery Johnson runs on as few as 2 AA batteries, but in its full 39-battery glory, it can charge your phone up to 60 hours.

We sized it to fit any standard water bottle cage, but the Johnson is for way more than just cycling.  The anodized, aircraft-grade aluminum housing is strong and lightweight.  Go ahead, drop it.  The Johnson won’t flinch.   Whether you’re riding out a storm, or a bear outside your tent, you’ll be glad you’re powered with a Johnson. There are so many different possible uses for it–some we’ll wager have never entered your mind.

For night riding, we also designed our Headlight Mount.  We all know it takes just one time riding in the dark to realize that most lights aren’t powerful enough, and the light tends to sweep the path and jiggle if your handlebars aren’t always facing straight.  The Johnson Headlight Mount stays firmly attached and faces forward no matter which way you turn your handlebars, so you’ll always see where you’re going.


Our products are manufactured right here in Valley Junction, West Des Moines, Iowa.


Our products can be purchased right off our WEB site or locally through in West Des Moines where they can install them on your bike.

Guaranteed for Life

At Johnson Charger, we’ve designed everything from hot dog cutting machines to counters that measure at the speed of light, and we put all our experience into the Johnson.

We guarantee our products forever and ever because we use great materials and design. Shake hands with the Johnson, proudly designed and made in Iowa.

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Big Cock Bike Shop
232 6th St.
West Des Moines, IA 50265 MAP
(515) 277-7417

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