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Fri February 27 2015
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Cyclocross has skyrocketed in Iowa over the past few years. Racing in parks over grass, gravel, and sand, cyclocross is a great entry-level sport and offers unparallelled close-up viewing for spectators. The Race calendar is packed with racing every weekend from September to late December.

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"IRISH I was on a bike" Don't you?? Order Deadline March 1st

Fly your Irish with a bit of cycling flair this St Paddy's Day!   read more

Gents Race 5.0

The BikeIowa.com Cycling Team would like to request the presence of YOU and 4 teammates for the Gents Race 5.0 on April 4, 2015.   read more

Peddling and pedaling drives Cedar Falls bike shop owner

Anyone who knows Brent Johnson knows his passion is bicycling, and he wants to spread biking fever across the Cedar Valley.   read more

S3 Winter Series

The Snowdown Showdown Series is a unique winter race series taking place in January and February.   read more

Route Planning 101: To the Gravels and Beyond!

Andrea Cohen - tackling the world one mile at a time   read more

Iowa Gravel - What makes it so special?

Gravel roads make up 60% of Iowa's public road system and connect almost every single community across Iowa's 99 counties. And YOU can ride them all!   read more

2014 Jingle Cross Rock

Mark your calendar for the BIGGEST winter cycling festival in the Midwest! UCI Carousel Volkswagen Jingle Cross Rock. Nov 14th, 15th &-16th in Iowa City - 3 days of Cyclocross racing and spectating!   read more

Who doesn't love a good zip hoodie?!

Pre Sale on this comfortable full zip hoodie printed with reflective ink!   read more

Dirty Wooden Shoe cyclocross race to be held Sept. 13-14

Yes, the Wooden shoes are up for grabs again...   read more

Palooza Cross kicks off the 2014 season with two days of racing

Yes - It is August and the first Cross Race of the season is about to kick off "BERM-STYLE"   read more

"24 Hours of Cumming" - Ride all day, Ride all night!!

Register today and become a part of the inaugural 24 Hours of Cumming bike race and Festival. The best gravelfest in the Midwest! How long can you stay in the saddle?   read more

Take the "BIKEIOWA Experience" Survey

Please take a few minutes and give us some feedback on your BIKEIOWA experience   read more

Love Football, Riding Bikes, and Looking Awesome?

Bike Rags can help!   read more

Bike Rags releases 4 new designs for 2013. They're tasty!!

Many new changes this year to the Bike Rags line up. Four new designs and a bunch of color changes.   read more

Iowa Spring Classic Series

A four race series intended to toughen you up early in the season. This is great training for all cycling genres   read more
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