LENOX, Iowa —Six months after a fatal hit-and-run crash was reported, a driver has been charged and convicted in the case.

Gerald Williams was found dead in a ditch along 110th Street near Lenox about 9 a.m. on June. 23.

A search for Williams was launched after his wife who was traveling out-of-state was unable to contact him. Officers learned he was not at home and his bike was missing.

Searchers later found him dead along 110th Street a day after he went on the bike ride.

Investigators with the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office, Lenox Police Department and the Iowa State Patrol said Williams was hit by an eastbound car driven by Jessica Brown.

Brown was charged with failure to stop at an assured clear distance. She was convicted of the offense and ordered to pay a fine of $500, a statutory surcharge of $175.00 and court costs in the amount of $60.

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Bike Death: 06/23/2013







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RIP Gerald Williams.

Relatively low penalty is why motorists think bicycle riders are nuts for risking their lives on the road.

How do we go from this to where motorists are scared to death of 'discharging' their potentially deadly weapons upon vulnerable road users? As it is, many motorists feel entitled to 'teach' you the error of your judgement by honking and physically intimidating bicyclists.

#2 - gogo posted Jan 30, 2014

This man's life was only worth $735.00.

#1 - salsabagger posted Jan 8, 2014

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