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Wed January 18 2017
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Hosted by Tweed Riders!
Sun Nov 11 2012 - 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Des Moines, IA
Event Start Address
The Royal Mile 210 4th Street Des Moines, just off Court Avenue
210 4th street
Des Moines, IA 50309
Ahh... Another Tweed Ride is in the books.  The morning rains held back some fair-weather "tweeders", but 80+ cyclists still showed up donned in Tweed for the 3rd Annual Tweed Ride.

11:11 am  - Tom Laughhead reads Armistice Day poem with a toast to Veterans.

The Royal Mile was host to the event and brought authenticity with Scotch Eggs, Cornish Pastries, Steak and Guinness Pies, plenty of import beer and single malt Scotches. It was as if you went back in time...

This year custom armbands were handed out at the door... No number plates for this crew.

At noon, those in tweed lined 4th street bound for a photo at the State Capitol. The "Royal Mile" as we called it. The bikes were just as unique as the Tweed collection. High Wheelers, board trackers, fat tire cruisers, Klunkers, and other rad rides filled the street.

Chris Maharry (Maharry Photography) was waiting for us at the top of the Capitol Hilll for photos. As you can see from the photo below, and the weather of the day, we captured the true essence of a Tweed Ride.

2nd Stop - Ichi Bike was host for a New Castle and Tea social. Those in Tweed poured in to get out of the wind to continue the socializing, telling Tweed stories and looking at Ichi Bikes.

Back to the Royal Mile by 2pm for prizes. Best dressed, Best Mustache, Best Stockings, Best Bike and more.

KUDOS to everyone who came in Tweed, the organizers Tom and Parody, the hosts; Royal Mile and Ichi Bike, the volunteers and all the sponsors who donated prizes and services.

A HUGE THANKS to Chris Maharry for capturing on film what the Tweed Ride is all about. Nice work!


Maharry Photography  (450+ photos)
Des Moines Register
More galleries to be posted soon..

See you next year.

Event Type
Expected Attendance
Lads and Lassies, "It's not about the bike,It's about the Tweed!" Get out your Tweed jackets,jaunty wool caps and britches and lets ride! Just more fun on bikes, we'll meet up in Downtown Des Moines on Court Avenue and travel around to local establishments and trails More details coming soon! For inspiration check out this Tweed Ride.

This year we will have a special toast at 11 am in honor of Armistice Day, the ride will begin around 12.00 pm (updated)

The 3rd Annual Des Moines Tweed Ride will gather fashionable cyclists from all around the metro to celebrate cycling in style on Sunday November 11th 2011 at the Royal Mile, doors open for a Traditional British Breakfast at 10:00 AM. (updated) This event is inspired by the spirit of a bygone era.

This is a short bike route, in preparation of the ride many have been shopping for tweed, plaid, herringbone and woolen clothing. This ride will start at the Royal Mile with stops at the State Capitol for a group picture, then Ichi Bike for refreshments and then ends at Royal Mile.

Rain or shine or snow, many of last year's participants confirmed that nothing will stop them from coming together to celebrate fashion, cycling and party while listening to 1930s ragtime and swing music.

Many wonderful prizes will be along the way. This event is co-sponsored by the Royal Mile, Badowers, Ichi Bike, Bike Iowa, Classic Hats for Men (and Women), Des Bike Pedicab, Backcountry Outfitters, Atomic Garage, Dewars Scotch, Beefeater Gin and Newcastle.

Although the event is Free, it is strongly suggested that participants RSVP on the 3rd Annual Des Moines Tweed Ride.


Leisurely (Avg Speed under 10 mph)
Local trails and streets

Free, just bring enough for your own Libations! Happy Hour specials at The Royal Mile and other stops
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