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Wed Apr 06 2016
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Colby Park
Windsor Heights, IA


Des Moines Cycle Club



Distance - Varies Each Week

BABRAI Training!

What the heck is 'BABRAI'? So glad you asked! We can't say the actual name of the ride, but you know the is that..."Big A** Bike Ride Across Iowa"!

We are excited for the return of our training program for that BIG RIDE in July! Join us, do the rides and we’ll have you in tip-top shape in time to ride ANY long ride this summer!

The group will meet twice a week with a few bonus rides thrown in. Rides will be on Wednesday evenings and alternating Saturdays and Sundays. People will be given 'homework miles' to ride in between the group rides. Training will include hills and will be held in all weather (we don’t have a choice for that ‘big ride’, so we gotta tough it out during training too).

In addition to the group training, you will also receive a very cool, dri-fit tee shirt. There will not only be rides, but information regarding that 'big ride' in, what to expect, riding in large groups, nutrition info, etc.

Whatever your current riding level is, if you’re planning on riding that Big A** Ride in July, then this training is for you!

DMCC Members: $20
Non-Members (Includes membership): $40

To get a shirt, you must be registered no later than Tuesday March 31st.



Colby Park

6900 School Street
Windsor Heights, IA 


Changes each week.


DMCC Members: $20
Non-Members (Includes membership): $40


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